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Sinners Forgiven is a motorcycle ministry started by Pastor and National President, Willie Dalgity in 2004 out of our mother church, Set Free Church in Yucaipa.  We started the Needles chapter in 2012, Pastor Marty, Pesident.

Every Sinners Forgiven member is a born again Christian, though not perfect, we believe in serving Jesus with all that we are. Our purpose is to reach people for Jesus and tell them about the hope that is in us. We all have a past and have made mistakes but we have come to realize that Jesus is the only way. We love to ride our motorcycles. Sinners Forgiven means that we are Sinners by birth and we are Forgiven by the grace of God.

Our bottom rocker says Needles and Jesus First.. The city of our church and Jesus has to be first in our lives even above the patch we wear.  We do not claim to be a club or outlaws, we are a ministry of our church.  There is no gray area in this, either you are a Christian or you are not.

We believe that it is by God and Him alone that we live this life.  Our Motto is “NO PERFECT PEOPLE ALLOWED” We are not perfect. We believe in loving people right where they are at. We are interested in expanding our borders in order to reach more people with the Gospel.

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