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“My name is Kaylee.  My husband and I have 3 kids.  Annabell is 7, Stevie Jean is 5, and Noah is 9 months.  We moved from Montana about 2 months ago.  In Montana my husband and I both had jobs.  We had two cars and a house.  But we were missing something…a relationship with the Lord.  We went to church on Sunday when we could but we still had this hole in our hearts.  We had the opportunity to move to Set Free in Needles, so we did.  Now we have a relationship with the Lord.  It has brought our family closer together than ever and my kids are really getting to know the Lord.  My kids are doing great in school, they’re playing sports and having fun.  My husband feels called to be a Set Free pastor and is becoming a man after God’s own heart, and I just got a job.  We may not have the worldly material things, but we have Jesus and we’re happier now.  Without Set Free we wouldn’t have this relationship with God or with one another.”

“My name is Victoria.  I’m 25.  I have two children, Maya who’s 2 and Miguel who’s 3.  Their father Miguel also lives at Set Free.  Before we were blessed with Set Free we were in a bad living situation.  We have been homeless for 2 years living place to place and found ourselves using alcohol a lot, more and more.  We had nowhere to go and didn’t know what to do.  I started praying to the Lord because I was afraid for my family, then I heard about Set Free.  I gave them a call and the same day we were blessed with a home.  Since we’ve been at Set Free we’ve gotten in the Word with the Lord and gotten to know Him.  It changed our lives around.  My children are so happy.  They wake up with smiles instead of tears.  We all feel so comfortable it’s a blessing.  I never thought we could feel so much love as we feel at Set Free.  Getting to know the Lord and believing how much He cares for each one of us is so awesome and it feels like we are exactly where the Lord wants us to be.” 



“My name is Tami.  I am 55 years old.  I came from a good hard working family.  I was married at 17 and had my 3 sons by the time I was 20.  Divorced at 21 leaving custody of them with their father and moved to San Diego.  Working as a waitress and just surviving and existing, I started doing methamphetamine and of course I would drink to come down also.  I was an all or nothing girl.  Never went to church but I knew the Lord’s Prayer.  You might say I would maybe have talks with God, make deals with him a few times when I thought I was gonna OD.  I lived most of my life like that, had several close calls with death and the law, but never enough to really wake me up.  I even helped raise my grandchildren, until my son kicked me out once and for all.  I began to realize my life wasn’t going anywhere and I woke up feeling like I was never gonna get myself back.  I was extremely ill and very angry.  I was driving around with a friend one day six weeks ago and asked him to stop at Set Free Church to see if they could take me in.  They did that night…I will say now that it has been the best 30 days of my life.  I’m feeling alive again inside and happy and grateful.  Jesus Christ loved me all along and now I have Him in my daily walk.  He is forever what I call my life coach.  It was Him my Heavenly Father who brought me to Set Free that night.”





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